India to Act Host at GCCS, 2017


This is the first time what GCCS 2017 is taking place from out of the OECD. Then this will be the fifth edition of the conference.

India is going to act host for the first time at the Global Conference on Cyber Space. Modi is to inaugurate GCCS conference edition in November 2017. It is the world’s largest conference on Space and other related issues in Delhi. Our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi is going to inaugurate the Global Conference.

GCCS editions:

  • GCCS was first formed in London in the year of 2011.
  • The second GCCS was taken place in Budapest, the capital of Hungary in the year 2012. It focused on the better relationship between internet rights and the internet security.
  • The third GCCS was held in Seoul, the capital of South Korea in the year 2013. It was aimed to commit to open and secure the Cyber Space.
  • The fourth edition was held in The Hague in the year 2015. It saw almost 97 countries participated.

Global Conference is all about in Cyber Space:

  • The subject of the GCCS 2017 is ‘Cyber4All’.
  • The Secure Cyber is one of the major interesting and focused area in GCCS 2017. This will serve as a platform for the exchange of the ideas globally and helps to promote the cooperation between the international countries.
  • GCCS 2017 is an eminent international conference which is going to aim at encouraging the dialogue among the stakeholders in Cyber Space.
  • GCCS brings all the Governments; the private sector together is to talk about the practicals of cooperation in Cyber Space. And also helps to promote the information. It is to discuss the norms for responsible behavior in Cyber Space and it is to improve the capacity building of the Cyber Space.
  • The Conference is to build on the aims such as economic growth and the development, a safe and Secure Cyber Space, Cybercrimes, social and Cultural developments, and the International security.
  • GCCS has helped in making the rules and the regulations to follow.

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