Hurricane Harvey Separated Louisiana couple


Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey is an active tropical cyclone. It is causing unprecedented and disastrous flooding in the Southern Texas and it is predicted that it will rain up to 50 inches.

During the hurricane thousands of people become helpless. They are left with no power, transportation, and even food. One couple from Louisiana’s Lafayette Parish is facing problem more terrible than these problems.

Chief of Police Rickey Boudreaux Reached Out To the Daily Advertiser

Rickey Boudreaux is the chief of police in Youngsville. He went to The Daily Advertiser for his niece, Tiffany Boudreaux. She is 23 years old. Her boyfriend Garrett Baudoi is 25 years old. On 21 August they both were traveling from Youngsville to Houston. They were traveling for a serious medical procedure of Garrett Baudoi. Baudoi’s brain tumor was removed on Tuesday. The procedure was done in Houston at Memorial Hermann hospital. There was a follow-up procedure of the same on Sunday morning. The procedure was postponed due to flood. Employees of the hospital were not able to come. The harmful weather conditions prevented Tiffany Boudreaux from being on the side of Garrett Baudoi.


Tiffany Boudreaux Stranded Due To Rain

Tiffany Boudreaux was staying in Huston at Courtyard Marriott. She was not able to move from the place because of the flood.

Tiffany Boudreaux said the level of the water was very high. The level of water was up to the handle of doors in the car. The cars which were parked in the underground are not even visible because of water. Her boyfriend remained with positive attitude in these circumstances also.