Diesel Joins The Android World by Releasing their First Android Smart Watches


Android Smart WatchesThis year has seen a many smart devices launches, with many of them happening in the ongoing IFA 2017 in the German’s capital, Berlin. Diesel was not to be left behind, as they have announced their first Android Smart Watches.

Apparently, the IFA announcement is not the first time diesel is announcing the smart watch release, as they announced in March this year that the five android smart watches would be launched under the wing name Diesel on Full Guard. The android smart watches will not be the first Diesel’s smart devices; the company has its hybrid smart watches which are available in the market. However, these will be the first android smart watches from Diesel.

Even though the devices will feature different designs, they will all come with a 48mm casing and a touchscreen display face. The smart watches will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon wear 2100 and 2.0 Android Wear.

The watches are designed to connect to other devices via Bluetooth and are featured with Google assistant abilities. Also, the Diesel Smart Watches are notification enabled, you can customize the screen face to your desired look, and has a battery that can last at least a day.

Apart from the watches, Diesel is also releasing an android app referred to as T-ON-I. The initials stand for Time, Organizing, Notification, Intelligence. Diesel says that the android smart watch will serve as a PDA to the user by helping them with important notifications in an exceptional way.

Only one of the watches is available in the US at a price of 325 dollars, the one with a black casing and brown leather strap, available only at Macy’s. The other four will be available starting September 25 at an increased number of retailers with a starting price of 325 dollars.

All the Diesel Smart watches will reach the UK markets as from October 14 with the leather strap designs going for 329 dollars and the ones with metal bands starting from 349 dollars.