Advanced Protection Program; Google Set to Upgrade Two-Factor Authentication Tool to Protect Users from Being Hacked

google 2 factor auth

Google is planning to upgrade its two-factor authentication tool as a move to protect high-profile users from cybercriminals. According to reports by Bloomberg, the new service, with the brand name “Advanced Protection Program,” will have advanced physical measures, and it is set to launch early next month.

The new service will involve the use of a physical USB with encryption keys instead of the standard authentication procedures for services like Google Drive and Gmail. The Advanced Protection Program will also enable restriction of third-party apps and services that could enable a third party to connect to your Google accounts.

Google, according to Bloomberg reports, plans to target high-profile users like politicians, cooperates and every other user with difficult security issues. That is to say that the new service will not affect the standard Google services user.

Google started looking into ways to improve security and protection for users in possession of vulnerable materials and those in political positions after Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta’s Gmail account was hacked in 2016, which was reported to be a phishing attack, allegedly by the Russian government.

With this new service, a user will be required insert the physical USB to access the added security passcodes. Remote access and control to a user’s Google Drive or Gmail account will be hardly possible.