“Narcos” Location Scout Carlos Muñoz Portal Killed in Rural Mexico


A renowned film location scout Carlos Muñoz Portal was earlier today found dead in Mexico’s rural area. Carlos is said to have gone to the violence-stricken region of central Mexico to scout for film location for Netflix’s hit TV series, Narcos filming location for season four. Carlos is among the highest profiled location scouts. He has worked with hit movies like Spectre, Sicario, Apocalypto and Fast and Furious.

Carlos Muñoz Portal , NarcosNetflix confirmed knowledge of Carlos demise and sent their condolences to his family. In their statement, the company termed Carlos as “a well-respected location scout” and said that the actual reasons for his murder were not yet known, “as authorities continue to investigate.”

Muñoz bullet-sprayed car was found in Mexico’s Temascalapa town, a small remote town near San Bartolo Actopan. Temascalapa is near the Hidalgo borders and is reported to have the highest murder rates in the whole of Mexico, 182 homicide cases were reported in July. The town is densely populated with a ratio of 12:1 in every 100,000 residents.

In May, the country recorded 2,86 murder cases, the highest in 20 years. The data shows that at least 70 homicide cases were reported on daily bases throughout the month. Murder cases are many in Mexico due to the existence of the highly powerful and ultra-violent criminal gangs and drug cartels in the country.

The Narcos’ fourth season is said to be focusing on finding the grassroots of the infamous Juarez cartel in Mexico. In season three, the film was about the rise and fall of Cali cartel in Colombia after shifting the drug war to Mexico.

Since the deployment of the Mexican military in 2006 to fight organized crime, the country a seen high rate of bloodshed as drug cartels wage war against the army and each other.

The murder of Carlos Muñoz Portal raises doubts of whether the Narcos fourth season will still film in Mexico or back in Colombia where it premiered.

The authorities say that finding the exact reasons surrounding Muñoz demise might never be found as all the witnesses around the area were murdered as well.