Kim Jong Un; Our Final Goal is to Attain a Military Equilibrium with the US

Kim jong Un

Despite the severe sanctions on North Korea by the UN, Kim Jong Un has vowed to complete the Pyongyang’s nuclear program, saying that the country is only looking to establish a Military Equilibrium with the United States.

Speaking on Saturday, Kim said that the program has almost “reached its terminal” after he successfully fired a Hwasong-12 intermediate range missile on Friday morning that flew over Japan. The rocket came slightly a day after the UN slapped the country with yet and tougher fresh sanctions.

According to a State-run news agency, the country is almost attaining its dream of nuclear ambitions, and it will use all resources at their reach to accomplish the mission. Kim Jong described the Friday’s missile as a drill other than a test, saying it increased North Korea’s Missile combat power.

Reports by the KCNA shows that Kim wants to show the United States how the country (N.K) attained their nuclear weapon success despite the limitless and tough sanctions.

The American president, Donald Trump is scheduled to meet the S. Korea and Japan’s leaders to discuss on how to handle the matter, as the UN Security Council brands the Friday morning launch as “highly provocative.”

A Goal Hard to Achieve

The United States’ Pacific command confirmed that the Friday launch was an intermediate range ballistic missile, and it posed no harm to any of America’s territories, including Guam, a US Pacific territory that Kim has threatened to burn down.

A Korean Defense and Security forum analyst, Yang Uk says that despite Kim’s nuclear program near success, it is not going to get the North Korea’s military to an equilibrium with the US. North Korea, under the leadership of Kim Jong Un has raised a global alarm with their recent missile launches, with Kim Jong appearing on pictures supervising all of them.

Launching their new missile from, probably a Transporter Erector Launcher or a rocket vehicle shows North Korea’s readiness for nuclear war.

We need to talk

The Russian president together with his French counterpart called for talks with N. Korea, saying that it was the only viable way to ease the world tensions brought about by the nuclear program. The two believe that the way to solve the crisis is through exclusively political and diplomatic means.

The call for diplomatic talks by the two leaders was directly meant for the US and Japanese Governments to opt for diplomatic channels other than the sanctions, which instead increase the pressure.

South Korea’s president says that talking to North Korea in a situation like this is not an option.