HTC U11 will Support Bluetooth 5.0 After Android 5.0 Update!

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HTC U11 is the latest entry from HTC mobile series. The new entry was the successor over HTC 10. The New mobile HTC U11 will support Bluetooth 5.0. Because Just like S8 as company has received its certification to run Bluetooth 5.0.

Current Situation

Currently the mobile is running on Android Nougat operating system. Current condition of Phone dont support Bluetooth 5.0. Although the device hardware do supports use of Bluetooth 5.0. HTC stated:

“We have news for HTC U11 owners everywhere—your smartphone already supports Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Put another way, since day one, your device’s hardware has been ready to support Bluetooth 5.0 connections—with no additional firmware updates needed from HTC. We’re announcing this following our full Bluetooth 5.0 certification to ensure our customers are future-proofed for the next generation of Bluetooth-connected products. What’s Next? When Android O, the next version of the Android OS becomes available, HTC U11 owners all over the world will be able to enjoy the benefits of Bluetooth 5.0. We’re excited to be able to bring this announcement to HTC U11 customers around the world as we strive to continuously improve our customers’ mobile experience—we believe Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility helps do that”

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HTC will Support Bluetooth 5.0 After Android O Update

As mentioned, Device support the Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Unlike current operating system, Android O will support the new Bluetooth 5. You just have to update the android version and therefore you mobile will then support it. In conclusion, the news is definitely a good news for the owners that HTC U11 Will Support Bluetooth 5.0. To be able to use 5.0 version is a good perk. In addition it is most noteworthy that only Samsung S8 and this phone currently support this technology.

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