HTC Might Sell Its Handset And VR Business


HTC, at the peak of their golden era, had more than 24% smartphone market share in the US. The picture in 2017 is totally different. For 6 repeated years, HTC has rapidly lost its market share. Therefore now in 2017 they only have 2.3% of the market share. As a result, HTC might be looking forward to selling off its handset and VR business.

A man who refused to identify claimed that HTC is looking forward to selling off its VR business. He also claimed that HTC has talked with many big companies regarding this matter. HTC recently dropped the price of its HTC Vive VR headsets by $200. A total sell of the company is possibly not going to happen but there are strong chances that they might sell some parts of the company. Most probably the VR headsets business.

HTC was repeatedly failing in the smartphone markets. Every attempt to bring back their fortune had failed. Though arguably they are one of the finest smartphone manufacturers. The influence of Apple and Samsung over the smartphone market made it very hard for other companies to stay in the race. The Vive headsets were the last support boat for the company to bring back their old glory. Though the VR market is not doing very well for most of the companies. Facebook is also selling their Oculus Rift VR headsets at a much lower price than the HTC’s price and there are only a few differences between them.

All this turmoil might push the company to sell some of its parts to stay in the business. After all these failed attempts they might not take another chance. Though HTC refused to make any comments regarding dis matter and said, “The company has no comment on market rumours and speculations,”.

HTC claimed that they are doing very well in the VR market and they don’t see any other companies that can compete them in that market. They see the Vive headset as a different beast from other headsets.