Honor of Kings to go beyond China: Is it the next Pokemon?


Honor of Kings was launched in China, in the year 2015. HOK or Honor of Kings is an online fighting game identical to LOL. This mobile app has become an addiction to over 55 million Chinese people.

According to Quartz report, this multiplayer has been ranked as one of the world’s most used apps. The owners of LOL (League of Legends) the most popular Tencent tech is prepping to launch HOK in U.S and other European countries.

However, the HOK version that will be introduced in the U.S will be quite different from the original game. Tencent has changed the title of HOK. The new app would be named Act of Valor. Not only has the name changed but also some major elements of the app features have been re-designed. It would not be wrong to say that both the apps are absolutely different from each other.

The corporation has tried many different titles to go with the new app but they have settled down to AOV. These changes are brought forward in order to attain better global audience.

The majority of the characters are replaced or changed entirely. HOK became the most used app in China due to its reference to the Chinese ancient history. This modernization of the characters is criticized by journalists in China arguing that somehow the game undermines the Chinese culture.

The new and better version is to be introduced with the addition of western heroes like Batman etc. Tencent has partnered up with the Warner Bros to launch its app in the western markets. The AOV is expected to be launched in the coming week of August. This launch is targeting the western countries for its introduction to western markets.

Although the game might have gone through huge changes, the company promises the experience to be the same. This change was incorporated to attain better results from the Chinese app.