Hisense Is Adding Smart Assistance (Amazon Alexa) to Their 2018 Smart TVs

hisense, Amazon Alexa

Many Tech Giants announce their huge inventions during CES, and that includes Big TV manufacturers. A huge TVs manufacturing Company, Hisense is already giving a sneak peek of what we can expect from them, and that includes adding Amazon Alexa into their selected Smart TV models.

Hisense is third world’s largest TV making company, and among the selected models to receive the latest improvement will be the 100”-4K laser TV that was launched late in 2017.

Among the tasks that the TV will be able to carry out include the normal Amazon Alexa music playback, and Smart Home controls.

In addition, Hisense says that the smart assistance in the TV will enable users to directly manage their television’s hardware to perform tasks like volume adjustments and change inputs using customized voice commands.

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We do not have a comprehensive list of the TV models Hisense is integrating with Amazon Alexa, but CES will be taking place next week, and we will be here to give you every detail about the models.

As it is about who is better than who, Hisense is not the only Television manufacturing company incorporating smart assistance into their TV. LG has also announced that their 2018 TVs will be integrated with Google smart assistance.

And Just like Hisense, LG did not issue a detailed list of their intended models of the upgrade. What we do know for a fact is that the first LG TV to receive the newest treat is the new LG OLED TV.

All these will be happening next week at CES 2018.

Watch this space for more updates.