Here’s The New Look Of All the All the Money in the World film After Christopher Plummer replaced Kevin Spacey


Following the replacement of removal of Kevin Spacey from ‘All the Money in the World’ movie, director Ridley Scott had to replace all the marketing strategies he had in place. That includes the movie trailer and posters. Christopher Plummer is the actor that is taking Spacey’s place.

Apparently, by the time the sexual allegations on Kevin Spacey broke out, the movie trailer and poster were already out and distributed. The complaints forced the film director, Ridley Scott to slush off Spacey’s scenes and to replace them with Christopher Plummer’s.

Kevin Spacey was assigned the role of an oil tycoon, J. Paul Getty whose grandson was abducted for ransom. In the 1973 kidnapping thriller, J. Paul refuses to pay the payment for the release of his grandson.

On the original posters, Kevin Spacey occupied larger space compared to his co-stars, Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams.

The new posters are all different as the spotlight is now on Wahlberg and Williams on the first poster. On the second poster, none of the actors appear. Instead, it is an illustration of a bloody ear designed with money. The kidnappers sent the boy’s ear to Michelle Williams (the mother) to motivate them to pay the ransom.

Christopher Plummer signed with Ridley Scott earlier in the month after Kevin Spacey was taken off the film. The new movie will start shooting soon. The film release is still scheduled for December 22nd.

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