HBO Now is the Highest Grossing App; Thanks to GoT


The return of game of thrones has made HOB Now the most famous and the highest grossing app. HBO Now is a Home Box Office live streaming app. It is one of the top most apps. For two consecutive days, HBO now has been the top most grossing app, forcing the “all-the-time dominant apps like Netflix, Candy Crash, Pandora and Tinder to bend the knee. It has been a year since the app reached the top of the chart in the US. On August 16, the app saw its best day by grossing 2.6 million dollars. It beat its June 2016 single day grossing record of 1.9 million dollars.

If you doubt that this sudden HBO cash flow ascend owes credit to Game of Thrones, it will be good I give you the reasons. On the first week following the season seven’s premiere, over 500,000 new users downloaded the HBO Now app. The primary cause of this sudden increase in revenue is because the new users weren’t just subscribing to free trial, but subscribing to the Premium HBO services. On the day season premiered, HBO Now saw its daily downloads increase four times across apple and Google play store. Home Box Office was able to manage this growing demand of their streaming app.

The record is quite admirable, putting in mind that Game of Thrones is one show that suffers piracy the most. Besides, the Game of Thrones suffered a huge blow this season when two of its major episodes were leaked online before the official release date. Despite all that, GoT still manages to stay on top. Historically, Game of Thrones has been a huge source of revenue for HBO Now. In every season premiere, HBO experiences an increased number of subscribers as compared to the previous one.

The growth is still anticipated to continue going high, considering that Game of Thrones is still two episodes away from its completion.