Growing up Super Model: Their Dads Feel about the Show- One Called it a ‘Mistake’

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Growing up supermodels stars

Arissa le brock and Atiana de la Hoya’s famous father Steven Seagal and Oscar de la Hoya have extremely different opinions on their daughter’s reality TV gigs.


“I don’t know what the deal is but he did call me and tell me he thought that reality TV is a mistake and I’m making a mistake,” Le Brock told toofab during an interview

She also added, “For me, I actually haven’t talked to my dad, some time because that’s just how things are with us. We don’t really talk a lot, unfortunately,”


“I try to you know, just reach out a little bit more and try to fix things and be a little bit more understanding and try to move past some issues that I have with him, but actually since we’ve been wrapping up and everything I actually feel like things have drifted away a little bit more than they ever have and we haven’t been talking at all really.”

Le Brock is disappointed about the relationship with her dad Steven Seagal, her mother Kelly Le Brock of ’80s film and modeling fame is super supportive of her career and she refuses her father’s disapproval hold her back.

“I think I’m doing what I need to do in order to further my career and give myself exposure and experience and I really can’t care what he thinks if its negative like that because I know that I’m doing well,” added Arissa.

Finally supported

“I told him about the show and he was on-board,” she told TooFab. “I think anything that I’m interested in, he’s going to support, and going to help me take it as far as possible when it comes to my career and my passions or loves so I think this was just another thing that I wanted to you know, try and I’m still trying, but he’s super supportive and I’m really grateful for that.”

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