Governor of Florida Declared Emergency


Hurricane Irma is growing very quickly recently. The Governor of Florida Rick Scott has announced an emergency. It is presumed that category 4 storm will cause landfall this week. The emergency state is declared for 67 countries of Florida. It is believed that Hurricane Irma will hit the state approximately on Friday.

Rick Scott’s Tweet

Rick Scott requested the people by tweeting on his account. He asked them to be attentive and aware of the local weather and news. He urged all the people of Florida to check and be ready for Hurricane Irma. Rick Scott suggested people to be ready with their disaster kits.

The executive order said that Hurricane can cause great harm. It is necessary to take measures in advance in order to protect the state.

Puerto Rico’s Governor Declared State of Emergency earlier

Puerto Rico’s governor made a declaration of the emergency on Monday. Rick’s announcement came after the declaration in Puerto Rico. It is assumed that Hurricane Irma will hit the northwest Caribbean on Tuesday. The government laborers are working for the preparations for the storm. Emergency officials informed that the storm can release landslides. It can make rainfall up to 10 inches. It can also make waves of approximately 23 feet. If Hurricane Irma cause category 4 rainfall, then it will be for the second time in this year that category 4 Hurricane generated landfall in the US. According to KOCO, this will happen for the first time in the US after 102 years. According to the US Hurricane Centre, the category 4 storm was moving at the speed of 13mph from west to southwest.

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