Google’s Chief Executive Recognizes The Concerns Over Data And Privacy

Google CEO

In an Interview with a media outlet, Google’s Chief Executive Sundar Pichai told that he recognizes the concern over data and privacy. Google is no dought he internet giant. Therefore it has 80% share of all internet searches and operating systems. As a result, people have a genuine fear of growing monopoly of such Information Technology giants.

Data and Privacy Issue

Google stores user data to enhance user experience. They also use that data to bring in more users into their system. This huge amount of user data should be a concern for all of us. Many of the Google services exceeds 1 billion user mark. One could not simply imagine the amount of data they gather.

In a 2015 interview, Pichai told  “We are one of the most scrutinized companies in the world, and we understand that. I’ve always felt it’s appropriate, and we are happy to be scrutinized, because we want to be held to a high standard and do well by that standard.”

Pichai told that they are not the owners of the data, they just use it to facilitate the users. But what about the security of user data?

Pichai also said in a recent interview “We obviously have differences of opinion, but I think we debated respectfully. But, as a company, we have been thinking about making sure the company stays focused on what’s most important, which is continuing to build great products,”

The European Commission, the European Union’s executive branch imposed a fine of 2.86 billion dollars on Google this June. They concluded that Google’s shopping search service was breaching the EU antitrust rules. The commission is further investigating other Google services. It seems like Google is also following the same path Microsoft took to make a monopoly.

The security of user data should be the biggest concern of any IT company but right now we are far from being ideal.


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