Google Will Delete Your Google Drive Backup’s If You Don’t Do This


If you are a user of Google drive then you should know this. For quite a while Google is deleting backed up user data from the users Google drive account. A lot of people have complained about it on Reddit. Even without giving the user any warning or notification. If you don’t use your phone for more than 60 days, your data could vanish without you knowing about it. Have a look at this Reddit post.

PSA: Google will delete your Android backup if you don’t use an Android phone for 2 months

I was completely blindsided by this, and now all of my Android settings, wifi passwords, and the data for at least 50 apps are gone.

I needed to refund my 6P a couple months ago, and have been using an old iPhone until I find a good Android replacement. Last week I randomly glanced at my Google Drive Backup folder, and the Android backup for my 6P was missing. After freaking out a little, I Found this. Contacting Drive support confirms that there’s no recovery.

There was no warning from Google. They just deleted my data. There’s apparently an expiration date that shows up under the backup if I had checked the Backup folder sooner, but there was no notification, no email, no proactive notice at all, and most importantly, no option to use the 100gb of my Drive storage to keep my fucking backup.

This might sound like a joke at first but it is not. I was pretty surprised when I first found out about this. If you look at Google Drive Support Page you could see this statement.

“Your backup will remain as long as you use your device. If you don’t use your device for 2 weeks, you may see an expiration date below your backup, for example, expires in 54 days.”

Yeah, it is as crazy as it sounds. If you don’t use your phone for 2 weeks a countdown will start. After the countdown ends you will end up with nothing in your drive account. You won’t even get a notification or email regarding that. If you use your drive account within that time ( usually 60 days ) you will be fine.

Now don’t get me wrong, Google won’t delete your Photos or videos or other documents. It will delete your Android settings, wifi passwords, and the app data. You use this feature every day without knowing it. This makes life much easier when we change our phones.

So how can you prevent this from happening? Well other than using your drive account once in while there are no other options.

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