Google Wants To Dominate Smart Speaker Market


On Wednesday Google proved that they don’t want to miss any opportunity to stay ahead of Amazon and Apple in smart speaker market. They surprised all of us by introducing two new smart speakers. As a result, the new smart speaker lineup from Google has 3 products. Google Home mini, Google Home and Google Home max.

Google Home Mini


Home mini is the direct competitor of Amazon Echo Dot which is priced at $49. Google Home mini also costs $49 and hopes to provide better experience than the Echo Dot. It comes in a very small form factor. It is also covered with fabric on the top. The sound is surprisingly loud and clear for a speaker this small. It has a 5w speaker inside it. Like other google home products, it will be available in three colours chalk, charcoal, and coral. It also has a mute button on the rubberized bottom. Google claimed that they fine-tuned the fabric so that it doesn’t interfere with the sound coming out of the speaker. The speaker is enough for a small room but it won’t fill your large room.

The Home mini is powered by micro USB C.

Google Home Max


Google Home max is the most expensive product of the new lineup. It will cost $399 and falls into the premium category. Google Home max have two 4.5 inch woofers for better bass output. It actually works pretty well. The form factor of this product is a bit large. This one is also covered with cloth but it will be available in only two colours, Chalk and charcoal. It also has LED indicators in front. The Google Home max is not just limited to Bluetooth connectivity. It comes with Aux port so that you can play songs via a wierd connection.

You can also connect and sync multiple speakers if you want. Google claims that the Home max comes with a special feature which will allow it to better understand your surrounding. Therefore it can personalize the experience and deliver better sound quality.


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