Google versus Amazon: Google Assistant versus Alexa:


Google is going to introduce a new hardware system on 4th of October, 2017. Smorgasbord is the new hardware. It is having Google Assistant fixed in. Smorgasbord is a Scandinavian meal served in a buffet system with hot and cold various food dishes on a table.

Amazon launched a violent of new products. Alexa is the voice agent of marketing Amazon.


There is a fight in between Google and Amazon. So there is a wider fight in between Assistant and Alexa.

There are so many fights in between many companies. For example, Digital versus IBM, Windows versus Mac, Android versus iPhone and IBM versus Apple.

A big fight is between Amazon and Google in this present generation.

Google is launching a new hardware on Wednesday. Pixel Smartphones are having a small version of the chrome book, chrome pen, and a smart speaker.

Google Assistant:

Like Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Google is having voice-based marketing. Google assistant is the voice-based of marketing Google. Google is the giant search engine.

Present Google Assistant is not in the Google Chrome book laptops.

Google is trying to say the answer to Amazon. Amazon launched a set of accessories, smart speakers, and TV Streaming box last week.

Already Google and Amazon are fighting with cloud computing. Then after, Amazon doesn’t want to carry streaming sticks of Google’s. Amazon has created its own version. So it doesn’t like the play store of Google.

When Alexa and Amazon’s are directly connected, then danger will be on Google. Many of the consumers are choosing Amazon in order to buy products online. So also advertisers are changing their ads on Amazon and leaving Google.

Fights back:

This became a problem to Google when advertisers are switching. But Google Assistant is smart enough to handle situations.

Google wants to develop the Google Assistant and develop it and wants to warn the Alexa. So Google is not sitting calmly.

However, this competition is going to be interested.

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