Google Sets a Record For Selling Several Home Speakers Every Second During The Festive Season


From October 2017, Google says it sold tens of millions of Home Mini speakers since they started shipping in. The company decided to show off a little bit about the success.

Reports show that between October 19th and yesterday, Google has sold roughly close to 7.5 million Home Speakers.

However, the company has not given a breakdown of how many devices it sold between Google Home Max, Home Mini and Home. But many believe that Google Home Mini sold the most since the company dropped the product’s price from $49 to $29 during the holiday season.

The company says during the festive season, it sold more than one Google device every second. In Google’s blog post, usage of the device in the 2017 holiday season increased nine times more than 2016. This is due to consumers’ high demand to control more devices in a ‘Smart’ way.

Google says that more than 400 million devices including smart speakers, headphones, iPhones, tablets, Smartphones (Android-powered) among others support Google Assistant. Also, more than 1,500 smart devices from 225 different trademarks are compatible with this feature.

Is Google Making Any Profit From The Home Speakers?

The question many are asking is if the company is making a profit or a loss from the massive sells. According to an analysis report, Google is not making any profit. It chose to go down that way just to make sure that it remains the only means through which people get information.

The cost at which Google sells the device does not include that of development, advertisement or even shipping. However, the company is not affected since it has several means of making money, thus either through ads or data collected from users.

Consumer Electronics Show (CES), is to take place this week in Las Vegas. During the show, Google together with rivals, Amazon and Microsoft plan to partner with several third-party companies to broaden the accessibility of the Assistant.