Google Plans To Use A.I to Downgrade Faulty Apps

google play store gs8

Google Play Store is the biggest app store. As a matter of fact there are more than 2800000 apps on play store. For this reason, it is very hard for Google to check every app. As a result, so many low-quality apps pop up on top charts. To fix this issue Google is going to use machine learning A.I. They will downgrade faulty, buggy apps which tend to crash.

The machine learning algorithm will analyse different data sets like “performance, user engagement and ratings” and determine the quality of the apps. As a result, bad ranking apps will drop from top lists. Google is also working on its Android Excellence program which will promote good quality apps.

Google had already placed the algorithm though it’s yet to start working. Hopefully, this initiative will force developers to make fine tuned apps. This will also restrict them from asking extra permission.

As a result, the top listed or most visible apps will tend to be more stable and less buggy. Most probably they will not ask more permissions. We see apps performing better on IOS and to tackle this thought Google is using this initiative. Google wants to promote better quality apps more and wants to give them an edge over their competitors.

The new machine learning algorithm is totally independent and that can cause some problems for developers. As a result, developers will not know the reason of downgrading. I think Google should make a way for developers to know that their app is being downgraded. So they can fix the issues on their apps.

This new initiative is a forward looking idea from Google. In long term, this will push the quality of apps further. Google is yet to announce the starting day but we can hope the algorithm will start working from September.

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