Google Maps to have Real-Time Transit Feature

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Google is working on launching its newest, small but handy feature for commuters. The feature is to be updated on Google Map App and will give guidance and real-time notifications as you transit.

What is the Main Idea of the New Google Map Feature?

The new Google Map feature’s main idea is to give you live guidance and real-time updates as you travel.

According to the report provided, the updated feature will remind users when it is time to get off the bus or train when they are nearing the destination.

The updated Google Map will also help users search for the destination of the journey before embarking on it. It also gives information for the fastest route for commuters.

What’s New on Google Maps?

The updated Google Map comes with a “Start Button.”

For starters, search for your transit directions as usual, and then tap the “Start button” at the bottom of your screen. Details for your transit journey and live notifications on how you will walk or use a bus or train will show up. More interestingly, users will get new notifications on lock screens just like before while in driving mode.

In Kolkata India, the company has introduced this new traveling mode for motorcycle riders and even public transport users. The app also helps the two-wheeler drivers to know the suitable route to use before starting the journey. With this option, the drivers of motorbikes will also know the time required to reach their destination.

Before the introduction of the motorcycle mode, Google Map application had only four traveling preferences including; public transport, cabs, walk and the car. The new motorcycle mode is currently in India, maybe due to the high number of motorcyclists in the country.

Apart from the ability to know the suitable route and time accuracy for the motorcycle riders, the company has added a feature that will also alert users in cases of any roadblocks or parking related issues before reaching the destination.

The update may go live soon worldwide.