Google to Launch a Mini Google Home Later this Year

google home

Google is set to introduce a mini Google home smart speaker as they launch the pixel smart phones. The device is said to be powered by artificial intelligence. According to Android Police, there is no comprehensive report on how the new Google home shall be. However, the chances are high that it will be an improved smaller version of the existing Google home.

The new device is said to be cheaper than the original Google home, which goes at $129. The smart speaker is said to resemble the famous Amazon’s echo dot, which is also a cheaper mini version of the original Amazon echo.  With the Amazon echo dot, you can convert your current speakers into Alexa-enabled receivers.

With the new smaller and affordable Google home users will be able to add more devices to Google home without having to spend a lot like in the multiple Google homes that cost $130. Additionally, a cheaper Google home would make an excellent entry device for those who want to try and experience smart speakers.

According to reports by Android Police, the new Google home will come with similar features as the current big sized Google home. The original Google home is powered by Google assistant, a Google’s own AI assistant. If it is true that the new smaller Google home will exhibit similar abilities as the old one, then it means that the mini Google home will be able to answer basic questions for you. Moreover, you will be able to make calls, manage music playbacks, manage your calendar and control your smart home.

Apart from the new smart speakers, Google is said to be in the process of launching a new Chromebook, bearing the pixel name. Although there is no precise information about the device, the new Chromebook will be a succession of the 2015 Chromebook Pixel.

It is not clear if the new Google home will have improved, or new features over the original one, like the Amazon echo dot has over the old Amazon echo.

The two new Google products are scheduled to launch before the end of this year.