Google Clip, Capture The Best Moments

google clip

Google’s hardware event was a blast. They introduced some of the most intriguing products of 2017 but the crown most certainly goes to the new Google Clip. It is an AI-driven camera with a very small form factor. It will capture almost 3 hours of video and pictures and choose the best ones for you automatically. This product has huge potential in anyone’s day to day life.

Google Clip

Google clip comes with the smallest form factor you could imagine. As a result, it will more than easily fit in your pocket. Google made the camera with keeping the personal privacy of users in mind. Because of that, the clip camera does not rely on cloud servers like other products do. Take google home for example. To provide the best experience it has to stay constantly connected to google servers. The clip camera does not need that. It saves your videos on its onboard storage which eliminates the need of connecting to a server.

The clip camera reflects simplicity with its single button for manually turning on or off the recording. It also comes with an app which will allow you to access the videos and pictures from your smartphone. It is not an accessory for smartphones. Google clip is a stand-alone device. Therefore it will work seamlessly with Android or IOS.

Clips product lead Juston Payne told in an interview, “We care very deeply about privacy and control and it was one of the hardest parts of the whole project, The thing is that until really quite recently, you needed at least a desktop or you needed literally a server farm to take imagery in, run convolutional neural networks against them, do semantic analysis and then spit something out.”

The camera uses machine learning algorithm to better understand you and your priorities. The only drawback of this product is the price. At $249 it is obviously an expensive device but you will get something totally different and new.


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