Google App Users Can Now Edit Screenshots Before Sharing

Melbourne, Australia - May 23, 2016: Close-up view of Google apps on an Android smartphone, including Chrome, Gmail, Maps.

Google app has introduced a new function that will allow its users to edit and send screenshots they have taken. The built-in screenshot editor version 7.21 is available on the app’s beta program and comes with improved editing tools. As an android user, you can join the beta program via Google Play Store.

Also, the screenshot can work with Chrome but by using the custom tabs. Once you update to Google App’s beta plan, you can easily download the latest version from the play store that comes with all the editing options.

How To Use The New Built-In Screenshot Editor

Once you join Google app’s beta version, you can find the new screenshot editor by going to the app’s settings. Then open the accounts and privacy settings option. At the accounts and privacy setting, you will need to activate the edit and share tool of the screenshots.

After activation, when you take the screenshot, a pop-up preview appears at the bottom of the screen prompting you to take action. The preview gives you a number of tools including a cropping tool, doodling (rough drawing tool), and scribbling (rough writing too). Then finally, the sharing tool; after you are though with your editing, the app asks you to click on the finish tool and share.

Currently, the feature works only within Google app. But using custom tabs in Chrome on parts like search and feed, the app can still offer the same services.

However, the app is still unstable, and so the company is giving its users a chance to enroll in Google app and be part of a tester Android beta program. Users who also register for the Google app tester program can send their feedback using the address provided.

The Google app built-in screenshot editor is comparable to that one of iOS. The only difference is the iOS edited screenshot can be shared across all the other apps. Tools for the two features are similar as well.