Google Acquires 2,000 Mobile Engineers To Take On Apple


Google has sealed a $ 1.1 billion deal with HTC Corp. and acquired 2,000 smartphone specialists to its offices in Taiwan to help in pursuing Apple Inc. in the premium phone market. The agreement will help the search giant intensify the design of its consumer hardware and special chips, such as Apple.

Google’s Hardware Chief Officer, Rick Osterloh said in a post that the new Google Pixel phone model would come with an enhanced camera because of the incorporated new image processor.

The acquired engineers from HTC are led by Osterloh. These engineers are to help the company gain more control of the hardware design of its products. Google has for long been focusing on software development and letting other manufacturers like HTC manage the hardware. But because modern smartphones have enhanced features like AI and augmented reality, hence the need for hardware and software incorporation.

In 2010, Apple introduced a first on-chip system that enables users to do money transactions and also added a special chip that stores fingerprints.

What Does This News From Google Mean To Android Mobile Manufacturers?

Somehow, this is bad news for other mobile companies that run Google’s Android operating system. For so long, these phone manufacturers have competed with the likes of iPhone and struggled to make money selling premium phones. The idea for Google to venture in high-end smartphones is a disadvantage to these phone companies. This is  because the search company only benefited from mobile manufacturers via research and other software services.

Google plans to expand its research and marketing while reducing offers with some phone operators. However, sales are currently limited to only nine countries including the US, Singapore, and Germany.

Rumor has it that the Alphabet company may in the future return to China. Google withdrew its services from China back in 2010 because it objected the law to censor its search results.

According to reports, in 2016, Pixel phones recorded sales about one million devices, and this figure grew to 1.5 million in 2017.