Go-Jek is going to give a High Competition to Uber



Go-Jek is a first Indonesia’s startup with a billion dollars. It is looking forward to expanding its business in the countries of South-East Asia. Go-Jek began as a Bike- Taxi services to the people. This makes a high growth of competition to Uber Technologies.

CEO of Go-Jek is Nadeim Makarim. He didn’t tell about the countries where they are expanding.

He indirectly told that the key to expanding is the payment service. Once he told in the interview that the countries we choose have a large population and wealth should be more.



Grab is a technology company which offers a wide range of rids and logistics in Malaysia and some South-Eastern countries. It is forcefully pushed into Go-Jek’s place.it is done because of the lacking of funds in Grab.

Grab is the largest transport company. By this, Go-Jek may scale up the growth and their business levels. It might offer the services to a large number of people. This gives a competition to Uber.



So Uber is trying to partner with Taxis in Myanmar expansion. Uber is banned in London as it is not fit to hold the license. Uber is linked with the bribery arguments. So Malaysian Government is thinking about the connections. Uber had linked with the Indonesian Taxi Company.



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