Gay Talese Defends Kevin Spacey and Tells His Accusers to “Suck It Up”


Ever since Anthony Rapp accused Kevin Spacey of seducing him while he was 14, many other men have also come out accusing the actor of sexual assaults. The House of Cards actor has not seen a single person defending his actions until gay Talese defended him publicly in an event in New York. Kevin’s own brother Randy Fowler called Spacey a disgrace to the gay community.

Kevin Spacey has had it rough for the last two weeks. It all started when Anthony Rapp accused the two times Oscar award winner of seducing him (Rapp) at the age of 14. Many other men have come out to accuse the star of sexual assaults. The list includes eight actors from his Netflix TV show, House of Cards.

Gay Talese offered to defend Spacey and said he feels sorry for the HoC star. The renowned author expressed his views about the whole sexual assault saga at an event in New York on Monday. He said that Kevin’s accusers should “sack it up.”

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While he didn’t seem to know other men accusing Spacey other than Anthony Rapp, Talese said that he really hated “that guy” for ruining Spacey’s career due to something that happened over a decade ago.

When a Vanity Fair reporter asked Talese who he could love to profile next, the author said that he would like to talk to Kevin Spacey. He wants to ask him how it feels to lose his whole career and the entire lifetime of hard work and success due to mess that happened for ten minutes over ten years ago.

Talese compared Kevin Spacey with Dalai Lama, saying that everyone has done something they’re ashamed of, “the Dalai Lama has done something he’s ashamed of…the Dalai Lama should confess… put that in your magazine.”

Kevin Spacey has left acting since the accusations came to public. Reports show that he’s currently seeking personal treatment at a confidential location.

Netflix suspended the House of Cards production following the claims. The production went ahead and suspended the actor from the series, and now rumor has it that Netflix is planning to kill Francis Underwood, the character played by Kevin Spacey in the HoC.