Australian Street Name Changed Due to Incest in Game of Thrones

game of thrones

Stannis, Snow, Greyjoy, Tywin, Winterfell, and Baelish. Notice anything common with these names? Of course, you do, they are all character names in the famous HBO show the Game of Thrones. Not just that, they are also street names in an Australian Housing Estate. However, for the GoT die-hard fans, you notice that a major Game of Thrones character name is missing, the Lannister.

Apparently, a Charlemont Rise developer in Victoria was forced to knock down the street name Lannaster due to its connections to acts of incest by the Lannister brother and sister. Jaime and Cersei Lannister are major characters in the highest rated TV show, hailing from the house Lannister. In the HBO show, the siblings happen to be in love, engage in sexual acts, and, apparently, all the Cersei’s children are fathered by her brother Jaime. The housing project’s manager, Gary Smith, says that he even changed the street name spelling so that it didn’t look as noticeable but it did not work.

Precinct road is the new name for street previously known as Lannaster road.

The developer says that he opted to get the street names from GoT after unsuccessfully presenting names for approval.  According to the development project management, there have not been complaints about the other names.

However, despite it being the smallest, the most popular is Snow Street, named after the famous Game of Thrones character, Jon Snow. Jon Snow is the favorite character for most of GoT fans, including me. Smith says that they named the smallest street after Jon Snow because they thought he was dead, little did they know that he would resurrect in the next season. “He is everybody’s favorite – we should have given him a large avenue.” Said Smith.

The decision by the Geelong City to rename the street was reached after finding that it was against the rules of street naming. According to Laurinda Gardner, a Greater Geelong city administrator, the rules stipulate that a road name should not be offensive to the general public.