Samsung just accidentally reveal the Galaxy Note 8 early

galaxy note 8

After the apparent failure of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, (the successor of the Galaxy Note 5), Samsung just tried a promotion trick to boost its ratings. Since the Galaxy Note 7 was diagnosed with overheating problems, the market was kind of taken by Apple’s iPhone 7. As an attempt to prove its validity in the high-end smartphones category, Samsung is now showing signs of launching a possible Galaxy Note 8 which will take over the Note 7’s position in their Note series.

Samsung accidentally revealed their new Galaxy Note 8 series on Twitter without any prior notice. The corporation has been giving teasers about their new flagship smartphone in order to build back brand loyalty which dropped after the Note 7’s saga last year. This step was a good teaser in order to promote their flagship product before launch.

According to BGR previous teasers regarding the phone revealed this leak to be a hoax. According to the reports, the S8 version claimed to be launched soon, doesn’t reflect the thin build maintained in its predecessors. A picture was uploaded similar to earlier flagships and therefore the possibility can’t be ruled out that the final hardware might be similar.

The corporation has been leaking pictures of Galaxy S8’s and S8+ which reveal some of their specs and features. The leaked Note 8 will most likely have a 6GB RAM with an infinity Display. The aspect ratio of the headset is to be near point 18 and will have Dual cameras together with a Snapdragon 835 Processor. All these features have already created a hype in the market. We must admit that the expectations are a lot higher in this flagship series.

Well, we have to wait until the actual launch so as to see exactly what the smartphone/phablet will look like. The final launch is expected to be around the end of this month. This leak was probably a way of responding to the launch of iPhone 8 in the market, which will happen soon.