Future Smartphone Features That Are Coming In Distant Future


Smartphone technology is growing fast, faster than ever. New innovations are coming out every year and we are inching closer to the future of smartphones. So what smartphone features we are expecting to see in near future? Let’s find out.


Most of the smartphone industry is towards the goal of making a full bezel-less display. Samsung tried to do this on their 2017 flagship Galaxy S8 and they came pretty close to making one true bezel-less display. Xiaomi tried to do that with their Mi Mix and they took some crazy path to reach there. They mounted the front camera on the bottom of the phone. It takes courage to move out of your comfort zone and Samsung and Xiaomi both showed that courage.

Still, both of the smartphones are far off from making a full bezel-less phone. Making a bezel-less phone is a lot harder than someone might think. You have to keep in mind that any company wanting to make full bezel-less display has to consider some crucial things. Where will they put the speakers and front camera?. what about the fingerprint scanner?. I think the smartphone companies can overcome these problems and bezel-less displays will be the standard smartphone feature.



We always want our phone to be charged up and wires work fine. But some companies are pushing forward to wireless charging. The wireless charging in 2017 is not convenient at all. You have to place your smartphone on a wireless charging pad in a certain way otherwise it will simply not charge. You can’t use your phone while charging wirelessly. I want that type of wireless charging where I don’t have to put my phone on a charging pad. We are certainly not close to that but I hope full wireless charging will become true in future.



Safe to say battery technology not improved in last 50 years, we are still using the same method to store energy. We need a big revolution in battery technology. For now, most of the smartphones use lithium ion battery which merely lasts 1 day if you are lucky enough. These Li-ion batteries take a lot of time to charge. This technology needs to improve not just for the smartphones but for other things too. Storing energy is hard, very hard. Graphene can be used to make super batteries which can be charged in seconds and stays charged for a long period of time. This technology is in its very early stages and needs a lot of work to replace the conventional batteries.

Which new technology do you want the most in your smartphone?. For me, it is certainly the super battery. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below.