Former FBI is the Secret Twitter account of Comey


James Comey is the former head of the FBI. He has finally blown his own online cover confirming the existence of his secret Twitter account.

He wrote on Monday that Goodbye Iowa, on the road home. Gotta get back to writing. He also added that he will try to tweet in useful ways.

Dismissed by Trump:

Comey has kept a low profile since being fired by the President Donald Trump in May. At the time when he was leading the federal investigation into Russian meddling in last year’s election.

Book regarding Trump and Comey:

In one of his little public appearance, he told that he was dismissed after being asked to back off part of the probe. He gave testimony to congress a month later. He currently writes a book due in the spring. It is which critics of Mr. Trump hope will include more revelations about his relationship with the President. Now they have an extra source to monitor for damaging facts.

It will also spark speculation that he is preparing for 2020 white house run. Iowa is one of the early voting states in the nomination race that can make or break a campaign.

Secret twitter account:

Comey tweets confirm an investigation in March by Gizmodo that he was the Reinhold Niebuhr behind the mysterious @Formerbu account.

The real Reinhold Neibuhr was an America Thelogian and public intellectual who died in 1971 and who served as the subject of a student thesis written by Comey in 1982.his teachings are highly in vogue among American Politicians on both the left and the right. Barack Obama is among those who have described their admiration for a philosopher who tried to reconcile human kind’s flawed nature with its ongoing guest for justice.

The little used twitter account posted photographs of west point and Gettysburg in recent months and more recently featured bucolic scenes from around Iowa.

Benjamin is the editor in chief of the Lawfare blog and a friend of Mr. Comey’s. He confirmed that account belonged to the former FBI Chief.

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