Forget Sleepphones and Pills, Somnox Robotic Pillow is the New Cure for Insomnia


When I say you can now find peaceful sleep with a robot in bed, many will think of the commonly known robots, the sex robots. Well, that is way off what we are talking about today. We’re talking about the world’s first soft robotic pillow, the Somnox.

Somnox is a peanut-shaped robotic pillow which you can curl up with and sleep peacefully throughout the night. The soft bot will breathe along with you and master your breathing pattern. It’ll then create its own breathing pattern in response.

The breathing sensation will subconsciously soothe you to fall asleep. For people with severe sleep disorders, this newly born sleep companion has got something extra for you. It comes with inbuilt speakers to play you some soothing music to help you relax, and eventually, succumb to sleep.

The device, which is still in its prototype stage, is work of four robotic and engineering students from Delft University of technology. Julien Jagtenberg, one of the founders of Somnox said that the robotic sleep companion came to be after a series of many other trials.

The Netherlands based engineer said that their main agenda was to develop a robot that could solve a personal issue, like lack of sleep. And many ideas that they came up with, as he says, had some seriously addictive side effects, mainly because they involved medication.

The creators of Somnox says that they have conducted product test on over 85 people with positive results. The bot helps most people who lack sleep or are unable to fall asleep due to anxiety and stress.

The team aims at conducting more clinical tests next year. They also hope to get enough funding to put the product on the market. The group also plans to incorporate artificial intelligence into Somnox To be of more help to the subject.

They plan to get the bot to collect more personal data so it can predict when you are likely to suffer from a sleep disorder. This will make it possible for you to take precautionary steps to prevent it.

Doctors recommend that adults should sleep at least eight hours a day. But with the modern life filled with stress and insecurities of life, it is hard to achieve that.

Hopefully the Somnox robotic pillow will help to solve that problem. It has no medication involved; so you can be sure of the absence side effects.