Floyd Mayweather Knocks Out Conor McGregor in 10th Rounds


Sports gamblers in Las Vegas and around the world have something to celebrate. The party comes after most bettors relentlessly trusted their money on Floyd Mayweather on his Saturday fight against Conor McGregor. Records showed that the amount of money placed on bets had doubled the bets put on 2015 match between Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao by Saturday morning.

At the T-Mobile Arena, Mayweather closed his final chapter with an excellent win of 50-0, dominating almost throughout the match. At 1:05 of round ten, Floyd stopped McGregor by landing him uncountable blows with Conor unable to respond, forcing Robert Byrd, the match referee to stand amid them.

“I think we gave the world a heck of a fight,” Floyd Mayweather said after the game. “It was the same game plan. I wanted to stay going straight ahead. I thought if I stayed going straight ahead I would be able to get him. I really wanted to get him.” He added.

Floyd Mayweather put a halt to his excellent career by knocking out the UFC Lightweight Champion. The TKO was his first since 2011 when he caught Victor Ortiz with the TKO as Ortiz looked away. Mayweather has already beaten Oscar De La Hoya and Arturo Gatti in the international hall of fame boxing.

By the time the 10th round was starting, McGregor was already exhausted from the many right hands raining from Mayweather. McGregor was sent staggering to the ropes with one blistering blow from Mayweather. He was shaky and unstable when Mayweather landed him with a hook followed with yet another right hand.

The 170 blows that landed on McGregor’s flesh had him in peril, and the referee had to jump between them.

The boxer vs. a mixed martial artist was an extraordinary match, a match that attracted a massive attention all over the world. McGregor fought well, that cannot be ignored. He performed more than anyone anticipated. Despite having trained in boxing for nine months only, McGregor looked more of an experienced fighter in the ring. Although he couldn’t maintain his gas tank in through the second round.

McGregor didn’t seem to take the knockout hard. He said the referee should have let the fight to continue – “let me go down. Let him put me down,” he said. He, however, seemed happy about his performance.

McGregor also confirmed that he would go back to the UFC.