Find Out If Your Chromebook Is Vulnerable To Meltdown and Spectre

ChromeBook, meltdown, spectre

It’s a week since computer security experts revealed two fatal computer security flaws – Meltdown and Spectre. Several tech companies have issued details of how users can keep their computers protected from the faults.

Google is the latest to issue a report concerning the two security flaws.

So, if you use Chromebook, and you are wondering whether your computer is vulnerable or safe from Meltdown, Google has published a list of all Chromebook computers to show whether or not your data is exposed.

The list shows those that have been patched and those that have not, here is the list.

There are seven columns on the table. If you look up your computer and find it saying “yes” on the “CVE-2017-5754 mitigations (KPTI) on M63?” column, that means that your computer is safe. But if it says no, then you will need to run a system update to safeguard your machine from meltdown.

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However, if your computer is told EoL – end of life, that is awful news for you, because it means that your computer is no longer supported and that you cannot update your system to protect it from Meltdown. The update is never coming.

The list shows that devices made by Google are safe from the bug. The Meltdown flaw affects mostly computers running on Intel processors, although some ARM processor computers are vulnerable.

Chromebooks using Intel processor version3.18 and 4.4 of the Linus kernel are also safe. You can check if your computer is running on either of these OS by logging on to “chrome://gpu” and then looking at the Operating System at the “Version Information” table.

The patches are just for keeping the system safe, for the time being. Meltdown and Spectre are not usual cybersecurity bugs; they’re world’s most deadly computer security flaws that affect the core parts of the world’s most used computer processor – Intel.

Computer security experts say that these problems are not going to go away anytime soon. There is no known remedy for Spectre yet.