Finally People of Japanese City of Beppu Enjoying Wild Rollercoaster Ride Full of Soapy Bubbles


This wildest dream of Spa amusement Park finally became true in the city of Beppu, Japan. This city is a spa resort town, located on the southern Japanese island of Kyushu which is popular for it’s over 2000 hot springs and now this has become the home to the world’s first conceptual spa-themed amusement park.


This concept of the theme park initially is depicted in 2016 end of the year,  when the first time the video of such a hypothetical theme of “amusement park” came into highlight showing the Japanese tourists riding and hopping in roller coasters full of hot water soapy bubbles and other relaxing activities. Beppu’s mayor Yasuhiro Nagano made a promise that his fantastic idea would become the reality if the video hit one million views.

That video clip had received almost two million views within a week .Later Mayor Nagano also fulfilled his promise and confirmed the plan of action.


The park was open just for 3 days, July 29 to 31. According to the report, the park opened its gates to the crowd on July 29. But entry tickets to the park was limited to the crowd funding project, who pledged more than 8,000 yen to make “onsen” park and they were also offered a complimentary towel. Now, this Park of Beppu is real because of 75,000,000 yen (£500,000/$650,000) worth of voluntary contributions.


The roller coaster ride filled with hot soapy water is actually called “Onsen Bubble Jet Roller Coaster.” There was also another attraction for guests i.e. an “Onsen Merry Go Round” with a bathtub where guests could soak into while moving and those who want to get wet from head to toe, there is a “Splash Glider” for them. This is one of the dream comes to reality project worldwide ever.