FIFA World Ranking Shows the U.S National Team up One Place despite Their Embarrassing Failure to Qualify for the 2018 World Cup


After the terrible lose to Trinidad and Tobago that cost the U.S Men’s National Team a spot at the world cup games in 2018, the Americans has proven that a single mistake cannot put them down. The team has not just remained in the list of the top 30 in FIFA world ranking, but also made a jump one place up, from 28th to 27th.

The results may serve as a temporal consolation to the USMNT as they sit on the spectator bench in Russia and watch as the best teams collide for the world cup trophy. The U.S managed to remain on the top 30 list because of their excellent track record of the last four years.

Chile, which suffered the same fate as the U.S Men’s National team and lost a spot at the world cup, remained position nine on the list. Position one to six stayed intact; in ascending order, Poland, Belgium, Argentina, Portugal, Brazil, and Germany remaining in position one.

France ranked number seven after moving up one place. Other teams that saw a significant improvement are Spain and Peru which moved up three and two spots to rank eighth and tenth on the list respectively.

Among the CONCACAF teams that dropped from their previous rankings include Mexico which went down two places to number 16 and Costa Rica down from 21 to 22. Panama, which qualified for their first ever world cup in 2018, made the most considerable improvement of all, jumping 11 places up to position 49 in the FIFA world ranking.

 Top Ten National Teams

  1. Germany
  2. Brazil
  3. Portugal
  4. Argentina
  5. Belgium
  6. Poland
  7. France
  8. Spain
  9. Chile
  10. Peru