Family Members of Selena Quintanilla among the Victims of Hurricane Harvey!


Abraham Quintanilla is the father of late singer Selena Quintanilla. He told that their family is attached to the most disastrous stories of Hurricane Harvey. His family was drowned in Houston, Texas.

The Tragic Incident

Manuel Saldivar along with his wife Belia and four grand children moved from their house. Their house was flooded in the Hurricane Harvey. They left their house to go to the safer place. Their vehicle was swept into the water. It pushed them into the bayou after they had crossed the bridge. Abraham Quintanilla wrote on the Facebook that after this incident the driver of the van was saved. Manuel, his four grandchildren, and his wife Belia were drowned.

Abraham Quintanilla Gave Condolences to His Aunt’s Family

Manuel’s mother was the first cousins of Selena Quintanilla’s grandfather. Her name was Carolina. Abraham Quintanilla expressed sympathy for his aunt’s family. Sammy Saldivar was the son of 84-year-old Manuel and his 81-year-old wife Belia. Sammy Saldivar was driving the van. He was trying to get onto the dry land. Their relatives briefed about the incident in the NBC News. They told that after crossing the bridge their Van was swept by a wave of water. Sammy Saldivar was saved in this incident but his family members were drowned. In the other post, Abraham Quintanilla said that his own family was protected from the hurricane. He also added that Selena Quintanilla’s museum was also safe. He told that there is no destruction in the building of Q Productions.


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