Fake News Worries Are Growing Up

fake news

According to BBC world service poll, there is a high growing concern among global net users about fake news online. It shows that a rising scale of opposition to government stepping in with regulation.

Survey Result

A survey was done in 18 countries. The result shows that 79% of respondents said they worried about what was Fake and what was really on the internet. China and U.K want to regulate their Government about the internet.

In the year of 2010, BBC conducted a survey. It showed 58%should never be regulated in the survey and the remaining percent of people wants the government regulated.

More Worries on Fake News

Brazilians were most worried about the ill-defined line between the real and Fake with 92% reporting, 90% in Indonesia, 88% of in Nigeria and 85% in Kenya are the developed countries with a high unease about the news.

As the global use of the internet grows high, there also appears to be raising enthusiasm for it to be seen as something to which everyone should be entitled. There was a marked difference in the attitude between Developed and Developing countries.

Most of the people were using the internet for entertainment like video content and online gaming. Only a few people were using the internet for banking and communication purposes.

Two-factor authentication on the internet, increasing the awareness of credible news and amending the copyright Act to recognize new technology should be encouraged.

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