Facial Recognition Smartphones To Hit One Billion By 2020


In 2013, Apple set the trend by introducing the touch identification sensor on its smartphones. And since then, several smartphone manufacturers have copied the feature. Now, the same company has repeated history after introducing the facial recognition identification feature on its smartphones; other companies seem to follow the new trend still.

According to Counterpoint Technology Market Research, in the year 2020, over one billion smartphones from different manufacturers will include the facial recognition unlocking feature. It is not yet clear if the facial identification feature will be a standalone feature or will work for both facial recognition and iris scanning. Currently, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the only phone with both the facial and iris scanning features.

Researchers say that manufacturers are more likely to make the facial identification technology a smartphone’s standard unlocking feature. This means they will do away with the fingerprint id. Nevertheless, Counterpoint researchers say that the fingerprint id is still far from dying. They estimate shipping of over a billion smartphones in the year 2018 alone.

Differences Between Apple Facial Recognition Feature And Other Manufacturers’ Devices

The facial identification feature on the iPhone X uses a 3D technology for thorough facial scanning. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and OnePlus 5T phones use a 2D facial recognition system. In addition to Samsung’s 2D facial technology, the feature comes in combination with an iris scanner.

Pavel Naiya, a Senior Analyst at the Counterpoint, estimates that, in the year 2020, about 60 percent of all smartphones will have a 3D system . A 3D tech is more adaptive to emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality as compared to 2D.

However, Peter Richardson, Director at the Counterpoint Research seems to disagree with the convenience of the facial id feature. Peters says that facial id is suitable for applications that require high security like money transfer apps. Also, he said that it is best for apps that don’t need high unlocking speed since it takes about two-three minutes to unlock.