Facebook Will Soon Publish Local News Via Today In


The world’s largest social media platform, Facebook is vetting Today In, a new section of the platform that will bring local news and the city happenings to people in an easy way.

Currently, Facebook is testing ‘Today In’ in specific cities including Montana, Binghamton, Washington DC, Olympia, Billings, New Orleans, Louisiana, Peoria, Illinois, Arkansas and New York City.

Today In is accessible on Facebook’s main Menu, at the bottom, on the right side of the app.  Dwellers of the above cities can easily visit the new platform’s section for the local emergency or published information.

This initiative is part of Facebook’s Journalism project that was announced in January 2017. Furthermore, the company set up this program so as to improve the shaky relationship between it and local publishers.

In addition, Facebook’s local news publishers are to be vetted and approved by the company’s news partnership team.  According to reporters, Campbell Brown, the former news anchor at NBC is the head of this partnership team.

In 2017, Facebook made efforts to minimize the spread of fake news on the platform. The company introduced new changes and incorporated new features into the app. However, the features helped in highlighting sources of false stories, but it stopped working in December.

Furthermore, in the last 18 months, local news publishing section was Facebook’s central theme. The company started with posting news about its growing market and other news from local politicians via ‘Breaking News’ tag. The breaking news label helped publishers stand-out in this crowded platform.

According to the company’s spokesman report, in November last year, Facebook came up with a standalone app, ‘Facebook Local’. The app is entirely separate from Today In, the local news section. Facebook Local helps users to locate coffee shops, restaurants, and events taking place around.

But, Will Local Publishers Benefit From Today In?

Many people are still asking this question but there is no clear answer yet. Rather, the company says the local news section will help draw more traffic to the publisher’s websites.