Facebook To Launch Portal Video Chat, Amazon’s Echo Show Big Rival


Social networking giant, Facebook is planning to take its first step into the hardware products field. According to an online news network, the company plans to launch ‘Portal’, a home video chat device that will take on the likes of Amazon Echo Show and Google Assistant.

Features That make Portal Appear More Advanced Than Amazon Echo Show

Portal will feature a range of microphones, a 15-inch touch screen for displaying information and a wide-angle camera for facial recognition.

Both Portal and Amazon echo Show use voice commands. But Facebook’s Portal is more advanced since it will display visual information accompanying the responses captured by the microphone.

The work of wide-angle camera fitted on the device is to recognize individuals’ faces and link them to their Facebook’s primary account.

Reports also show that the social media giants will offer users a chance to stream content from third-party platforms like Netflix and Spotify.

The company plans to announce Portal early May this year. The announcement will take place at the annual F8 developer conference. After that, the product will hit the global consumer market in the second half of 2018. 8 Lab 8 lab, Facebook’s secretive builders will create the device.

Rumors have it that Portal will sell at a price slightly higher than Amazon’s. Facebook Portal may go at $499, whereas Amazon Echo Show goes for $299. A difference of about $200, which is considered too high.

The voice-activated market is slowly gaining fame as e-commerce giants Amazon dominate it with their Echo devices. Second most extensive in the market is Google, which offers different versions of Home smart Speakers; Home Mini Speakers, Home Max, and Home. Just last week, the company launched Google Assistant powered display devices at CESS 2018 annual show. Sony, James Bullough Lansing (JBL) owned by Samsung, Lenovo and LG are the companies expected to build Google’s smart display devices.