Facebook Down in Some European Countries


Facebook is going down while it is complained by many Facebook users. It is the world’s most popular social media site. Many people are complaining that Facebook is not working.

Using Twitter to complain:

Twitter is a social media site. Facebook users are moved to Twitter to complain that Facebook is not working.

Down Detector is a problem-solving website. It is also receiving complaints regarding Facebook. Complaints showing that Facebook is not working properly.

European countries:

Many of the European country people told that Facebook is not working. 57 percent people are experiencing the effect of power cut monitor. While 25 percent are getting the experience of log-in issues.

The Facebook business manager is a website for large business people. It is the leading social networking website. It is used to run the pages and the ads. Some people are saying that this page is also not working properly.

Facebook fell down to thousands of users:

Facebook users are saying that messenger is also getting a problem. Messenger is a text and video chat. It is free to share the texts to friends. By that problem, the messenger went down for thousands of users.

iPhone users are also complaining:

This problem is seen in android users and also iPhone users. One apple phone owner told that whenever he opens the messenger, it is going back to a black screen and returning to home page.

Some users wanted to fix this issue. They told that the problem will be solved after reinstalling the app.

However, Facebook said it is going to fix the problem with users.

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