What! Facebook has bought Ozlo now!


What is Facebook up to?

It’s a known fact that Facebook constantly keeps on working to make it more attractive and better by adding to it many new and interesting features. As of now, in order to boost up its artificial intelligence efforts and improvise Facebook messenger, it has bought the AI startup ‘Ozlo’.

So, what has Ozlo to offer?

As per the TechCrunch, the Ozlo would be assisting mainly in countering the problems in natural language processing. The Recode portal said that the technology used by Ozlo is focused on using the ‘probabilistic truth claims for understanding the textual conversations and providing replies for the same.

About Ozlo

The Ozlo app was launched in October 2016. The company is led by Charles Jolly, a former head of Android platform on Facebook.It consists of around thirty people. Ozlo brought forth an API suite with a database regarding the world being necessary to portray any sense of intelligence. This service was beneficial for any developers working on AI.

What did Facebook say?

According to a Facebook spokesperson, the Ozlo team would particularly work with the Facebook messenger to continue their efforts in artificial intelligence and automatic learning. The price at which Ozlo was bought has not yet been disclosed.

So, what’s the future scope of FB with Ozlo?

Firstly, the Ozlo’s services that it offered to the developers would be reduced after the purchase of the company. Further, Ozlo’s specific role with the messenger has not yet been disclosed. All in all, Ozlo can prove to be the base pillar for ‘M’, the virtual assistant of Facebook Messenger.