Evolution of Toyota Corolla Model Line

Evolution of Toyota Corolla

Toyota is arguably the best car seller in the world because of its economic cars. In 2017, Forbes ranked Toyota Corolla as the 8th best brand in world while in 2016, it was at 11th according to BrandDirectory. Toyota is producer of multiple range of cars model and model lines. Toyota Corolla is one of the best if not best car model line ever produced by Toyota. In 1966, the first Toyota Corolla car was released since then, several models of Corolla series have been produced. In year 1974, corolla was best the selling car of the year and even now the numbers haven’t decreased. I’ll be adding a video about evolution of Toyota Corolla cars from 1966 prepared by PakWheels.com.

Evolution of Toyota Corolla Cars

In this video, you will go through pictures of Toyota Corolla mode line cars, generation by generation.

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