ESPN made an Attempt at Replacing Jemele Hill with Another Black Host


Controversy Magnet

We have heard the stories of Midas’ golden touch. Whatever he touched turned into gold. We now have a modern day Midas with us. The difference is that whatever comes in contact with him gets controversial. Yes, we are talking about Donald Trump. He is the current President of United States. Not a day passes when he is not in the headlines.

Controversial Tweet

Jemele Hill is a show host at ESPN. She recently got engaged in a controversy regarding President Trump. It started over with a tweet from Jemele. The tweet came on Monday night. She tweeted that Donald Trump is a white supremacist. She added that he had surrounded himself with others like him as well. She further called him a fool and unqualified for the post of the President. She even tweeted that Trump would never have been elected as President if he were not white.

Reaction from the White House

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is the Press Secretary of the White House. She responded to Hill’s tweet. She said that the tweet of Jemele was a ‘fireable offense’. Hill must be fired from the channel according to Sanders.

ESPN’s stand

Two sources have told that ESPN attempted to replace Hill for the shown on Wednesday eve. They said that there was a pressure from the white house as well. But, the co-host Michael Smith did not agree to do the show without her. ESPN then asked the two other black hosts – Michael Eaves and Elle Duncan – to do the show. But, even they declined the replacement. Thus, Hills and Smith went on with their show.


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