Entire Education System is Going to Change: Ram Madhav


There might be huge changes in Revolutionary in the Education system with the help of Modern Technology and the internet. It is said by General Secretary of BJP party, Ram Madhav. He also added that whether the teachers are ready to face such types of challenges and issues.

Teachers are to face challenges:

He said that all the people will be seeing a different education system in this world after ten years. There won’t be having any classroom and they need to have online classes and also the teachers to teach the children. And if this going to happen, he asked are the teachers to ready for that challenge.

Meeting to make New India:

He was addressing a meeting on “Vision India – New India”. It is going to be organized by the National Democratic Teachers at Delhi University

The initial class institutions can make when there are first class teachers. The Indian education sector will improve but it will take some time.

He also said that there may be any number of you people who can do nothing with the technology, but known many of the professors who can’t operate even a smartphone.

Explained with elephant example:

He gave an example of Elephant can’t take an about- turn. He explained as the elephants have to go slowly to turn and should get leads into the right direction, as what the professors are doing.

The total education system cannot be called as “failure” as India can produce some of the world-class institutions such as IIT’s and the IISc.

Other parties claim:

A claim of other parties says Lack of employment opportunities. He responded to that by, there had some stress in the job market but the present situation was not too dug.

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