Elon Musk Is Smiling All The Way to the Bank As Pepsi Places the Largest Pre-Order of 100 Tesla Semis

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A beverages and snacks giant, Pepsi, has placed the biggest public pre-order of Tesla semis. The Dorito chips and Mountain Dew soda producers made Elon Musk $2 million richer when they placed a pre-order of 100 trucks.

A company executive said on Tuesday that Pepsi’s aim at acquiring the 100 trucks is to cut down their fuel cost and reduce fleet emissions.

If Pepsi placed their order right after Tesla raised the deposit amount from $5,000 to $20,000, 100 trucks add up to $2 million. And that is just for the reservation. If the company buys the $150,000 version of the fully electric semis, Tesla will bank $15 million from Pepsi.

The 100 trucks pre-order being the largest on Tesla semis, it’s only a fraction of the whole fleet of Pepsi’s 10,000 vehicles. Pepsi is reportedly going to use the newly acquired fleet on short distance deliveries of light loads.

The company intends to deploy the Tesla semi-trucks to connect manufacturing and distribution points. The company will also use the trucks for shipments from distributors to retailers within the 500-mile range.

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The senior director of Frito Lay, a North America’s PepsiCo subsidiary food company says that the acquisition of the Tesla semis is a huge move towards the achievement of Pepsi’s plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 20% by 2030.

Tesla has seen a good number of pre-orders since the official launch of the truck in November. Big logistic and shipment companies have shown their interests in Elon Musk’s magical lorries. Right after the launch, Walmart and JB Hunt transport services reserved 15 and “several” trucks respectively.

Other big companies followed in line in the following weeks, claiming their share of the semi-trucks. Among them are the Canadian chain supermarket, Loblaws, DHL, and Ryder.

Pepsi will analyze and decide where to deploy the trucks in North America. They are considering them for lighter loads on short distances though.

Let’s wait and see who drinks Elon Musk’s Kool-Aid next. Coca-Cola maybe?

tesla, pepsi, elon musk