Elon Musk Fabricates World’s Largest Battery in Australia

Elon Musk, tesla

Tesla made international headlines earlier this month for making the largest lithium battery in the world. Located in South Australia, the firm is providing millions of homes with power when existing sources fail.

And just a few weeks after the company set the battery into operation, the battery is claiming another world record for taking the shortest time ever to spring into action following the power outage in the neighboring state.

According to the report given by the International Business Times, the neighboring state of Victoria last week experienced a power failure. This failure would have led to a prolonged power cut in the state, but Musk’s battery sprung into action within 140 milliseconds. The shortest ever recorded time.

The next most substantial battery is three times smaller than Musk’s battery. It stores energy produced by the wind turbines. It supplies the regions with power when there is a blackout.

Time Difference Between Tesla Battery and Other Power Sources

Elon Musk, tesla

The 100 megawatts capacity lithium-ion battery shocked many on how fast it responded to blackout. Compared to other power sources, Musk’s battery’s time response exceeded the expectations of many, and it performed even much better than the other power backup sources. South Australian Energy Minister, Tom Koutsantonis said that other power backups would take 30 to 60 minutes to energize and synchronize into the market, a problem solved in milliseconds by Musk’s battery.

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“That is a record, and the national operators were shocked at how quickly and efficiently the battery was able to deliver this type of energy into the market,” Tom Koutsantonis added.

In September 2016, a massive storm hit Australia that saw more than 1.7 million residents temporarily knocked out of power. The Australian local government announced that they were looking for a solution to the power outages, hence Tesla, an electric car company took the step in building the power backup.