Ecocapsule, The Portable And Save Energy House


Houses are not cheap anymore. They are expensive and obviously not eco-friendly. Recently a company designed an eco-friendly house.The house was designed by the Nice architect or the architect of Nice & Wise. They named this house eco capsule. This might not sound that amazing but this house has some features that will surely amaze you.

What is Ecocapsule?

Ecocapsule is a low energy use residence, designed to resemble an egg or capsule. The size of the Ecocapsule is relatively small, and the house is also able to accommodate two adults comfortably. The ecocapsule is equipped with a built-in that offers running water. Meanwhile, the structure also contains a toilet and a water shower that allows its inhabitants to live in an atmosphere like home. The interior is equipped with a folding bed and also have some space for storage of sports equipment or research equipment. Each Ecocapsule is equipped with a built-in turbine equipped with photovoltaic solar cells. While high capacity batteries ensure sufficient power is maintained during periods of reduced solar or wind activity. The shape of the design is optimized for storing rainwater and dew with a built-in water filter that allows residents to utilize water sources. Currently, this micro-home concept is researching hemp as an alternative material to make this house safer and more environmentally friendly.


Can We Buy Ecocapsule?

The first unit of Ecocapsule will be produced by the end of 2017. Exclusive Eco capsulation of the first edition is limited to 50 units. While the second edition will be mass-produced it will be available at a lower price. We can buy this Ecocapsule for $ 90,000 and include the shipping price. All units have been adapted for the standard delivery of products and products have been packaged to be shipped worldwide. These ecocapsule can be sent, flown or even pulled with animals so they can be easily placed in any location.