Echo Spot, Your Bedrooms Smart Alarm Clock


Alarm clocks haven’t been famous for an extended period, but Amazon’s new Echo spot alarm is a new face in your bedroom.  The new touch-screen Echo family member is now becoming people’s favorite Alexa device.

Echo Spot has all the functionalities like its predecessor, Echo Show. Apart from alarm alerts, the 2.5-inch screen display device has other functions that will make you enjoy having it around.

Other Echo Spot Functions

The built-in-front facing camera can be used for video calls to other Echo Show or Echo Spot users. You can also make voice calls to other Echo owners that don’t have displays or even regular phone users via Amazon Alexa App.

By commanding the device, you can control your smart home from anywhere in the house.  Simply configure the living room lights, sound system, TV sets and other devices.

The new Amazon device also supports music, lyrics and video playbacks on its 480 pixels wide display.

Despite having a small screen display, the Echo Spot can play movies and TV shows from Amazon’s original library.

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The device also supports both analog and digital design clocks with about 16 different types of alarm faces to choose from, four of which are customized with your photos. The device also has a to-do and shopping lists; it can also display answers to questions by just scrolling the texts.

Priced at $129, Amazon’s Echo Spot is a portable device that not only works well in the bedroom but around the house, including the kitchen. It is a perfect device to carry along for use in hotel rooms and meetings.

Being Wi-Fi enabled, Echo Spot connection set-up is just as simple as typing in the network’s credentials on the display.

However, the only weakness with Echo Spot, like all the other Echos is that it must be plugged in at all times. They don’t come with a battery for power backup in case of moving from place to place.